What color bedding goes with gray walls


Gray is a very popular neutral color for modern, eclectic or traditional bedroom decor. Today, gray is often preferred over black and in some cases even white. It is also very versatile and can go with almost any existing color, although it is often seen paired with warm hues such as red, yellow and orange. The gray bedroom continues to dominate fashion interiors in recent years. To try to explain this phenomenon, we researched a series of designer bedrooms decorated in this trendy color.

Knowing all this, in this article we present you some interesting ideas for the design of a modern gray bedroom.

Basic characteristics

Gray is a color that, when overused, can turn into a boring cold shade. This is the reason why many people a few years ago avoided decorating in gray. But thanks to modern trends, gray has gained popularity. It has become a favorite shade for living room, kitchen or bedroom decor. As for the gray room, it is especially peaceful, relaxing and elegant. Most often in the bedroom, gray is used as an accent wall or to complement an accent wall in black or white.

There are many explanations for the popularity of gray in bedroom design. This color is considered not very expressive, but at the same time relaxing and calming. Moreover, it gives the interior a welcoming atmosphere that few other neutral shades can convey.

This atmosphere is particularly suitable for decorating an adult bedroom, which is usually defined as a space for relaxation and which, therefore, should provide plenty of comfort while eliminating everyday stress.

For example, this living space is designed as a relaxing space where several neutral and relaxing colors merge: beige, present through light wood flooring, white walls and subdued shades of light brown.

A gray bedroom with an accent wall

Darker shades of gray may be more appropriate if you plan to create an accent wall in the bedroom. Often the accent wall in the bedroom is opposite the bed and decorated in a different color than the rest of the bedroom. If you choose an accent wall in gray, you can leave the rest of the decor in white. To brighten up the atmosphere in the room, you can also add one or two mirrors to the accent wall.

You can also decorate the bedroom with several shades of gray, different from each other. So, for example, if the accent wall in your bedroom is light gray, you can use a darker shade of gray for the bedding, headboard, or accessories in the room. Also try other combinations, such as gray with sky blue, which is pretty close to it.

Fashionable color combinations

If you have a bedroom completely decorated in gray tones, you should think about adding bright color accents to make the decor more interesting. It is very easy to do this, for example, by choosing linens or accessories in a bright color, such as red. A wall decoration or accent wall with a colorful patterned wallpaper is also a great idea.

Red and gray may seem like a classic combination, but it doesn’t exhaust the possibilities of bedroom design color schemes that go well with gray. The image below is an illustration of a harmonious interior with a predominance of purple and gray hues.

Of course, you can use gray in the bedroom not only to decorate the walls. For example, if you decide to choose gray bedding, remember that it should also have contrasting shades. When it comes to furniture in a gray bedroom, white will always be a good choice. The decor in a bedroom with a gray design should be soothing and relaxing.

Another great way to decorate a gray bedroom: use pastel tones. They go well with neutral shades and give us the opportunity to personalize the interior of the room even more!

Combination with yellow

What do you get if you combine a universal modern neutral shade with a bright cheerful color that catches the eye? Definitely a sophisticated and very original space! Gray dominates the neutral hues, while yellow creates a cheerful and bright atmosphere. Together, these two colors form a gray and yellow bedroom that is both relaxing and interesting.

Grey bedroom interior combined with red

Do you feel that your beautiful gray bedroom is becoming too boring and needs color? Experts suggest using bright colors for balanced decor, so it’s time to update your bedroom, too. And what better color than red to make a bright and exciting bedroom design?

Gray bedroom interior with geometric shapes

If you like neutral shades, it is quite possible to design a resting space painted only in white, gray, black and beige colors. This solution is ideal for small rooms, especially if you decide to paint one or two walls in white.

In this case, you will make the room more interesting if you decide to play the decorating card with geometric shapes. Neutral colors are less obvious than other shades, and as a consequence, they provide more opportunities to play around with geometric elements, which will then become the most intriguing element of the room’s decor.

Here’s a good illustration of what we just said: this glamorous bedroom is inspired by Art Deco trends. The very light color of the design allows the furniture and accents of geometric shapes to become the focal point in this space.


Feng shui gray bedroom

To create an even more harmonious and pleasant bedroom, you can also turn to feng shui decorating tips. As you probably know, this Chinese art focuses on colors and their use in the home. So what does it say about gray?

According to the tradition of feng shui decorating , gray is one of the colors associated with metal, one of the five basic elements that must coexist in harmony to attract positive energy into our homes. In addition, gray is considered to relate to the sides of the world: west, north and northwest.

The combination of gray and wood is another great idea for those who want to decorate their room in tones of this neutral shade! But be careful: this decorating idea is not recommended by followers of feng shui rules simply because wood is an element weakened by metal. Thus, the combination of gray and wood can upset the balance of your feng shui bedroom. However, more and more designers are daring to experiment with this combination of materials and colors, and you have to admit, the results are very successful.

Wood goes well with a certain shade of gray, commonly referred to as taupe.

In some modern rooms, such as the one shown in this photo, it is possible to combine several decor ideas with the gray that we have just seen: geometric shapes, pastel tones and a zen atmosphere can all be found in this bedroom.

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