How to spruce up bathrooms rustic


To be honest, the rustic style doesn’t really work for real rustic homes. This design trend has swept the world, and all sorts of offshoots from rustic modern to “beachy” have emerged. If you’re looking to update your bathroom, the rustic home aesthetic can be a great choice with a simple color palette for true privacy and tranquility.

1. 15 Shades of Gray

This elegant rustic bathroom is perfect for the Yorkshire real farmhouse it’s in. The tub on legs makes this space absolutely luxurious, and the decorative tiles and matching artwork create a glamorous flair.

2. Bohemian style

Every room in this gorgeous house in Poland is decorated in a bohemian style, with eclecticism and hints of rustic style. The bathroom is no exception, it features a simple color palette of green and white hues, which has become visually more interesting thanks to the well-chosen decor, fixtures and plants.

3. A rustic seaside home

This bathroom exudes Canadian backwoods style. The beach touches make the space feel more cozy and give it a unique feel.

4. Neutral elegance

The bathroom in this Maine condo has a simple color palette, and the combination of old and new makes the room interesting and inviting. The room, like the rest of the house, is inspired by antiques and the gorgeous nature outside the window.

5. Craftsman chic

This rustic Massachusetts home is filled with the owners’ creativity, and many of its most interesting details are hand-painted and decorated. The bathroom walls and bathtub itself were also painted by the owner herself, even the rug she wove herself.

6. Wooden miracle

The rustic sink looks great on a simple wooden cabinet, which will be greatly appreciated by those who prefer a minimalist approach. The round mirror also works great in this space, as does the addition of a cute two-tone stool for bath supplies.

7. Cute Shebby Chic

This bathroom is full of adorable shebby-chic elements such as galvanized metal baskets, charming vases and an abundance of greenery. Imagine lighting a candle and applying a face mask in this soothing space. Not a bad way to relax after a long day!

8. Double Convenience

Here, the owners of the bathroom have turned this small space into a super functional double sink area, so no one will be in each other’s way in the morning.

9. Rustic Minimalism

This room has many cute elements of a rustic coastal home, including shiplap, a large wooden mirror and pretty black and white artwork.

10. Beauty from the barn

The owner of this bathroom chose the mirror because it reminded her of an old barn and her childhood. A towel with a cute floral pattern is a charming colorful addition to this bathroom.

11. Beauty in detail

The owner of this bathroom has carefully considered every touch in her modern, rustic bathroom. She chose a candle, a wicker basket and handmade soap to give the room a homely and cozy feel. And this floral wallpaper is a great choice for those who want a little more chic.

12. Pretty Woman in Pink

Sisters Kelly and Christy transformed an outdated bathroom into a glamorous yet rustic one in just six weeks. Beautiful tile and a pink vanity unit add warmth to the room and make it the perfect place to start the day.

13. Creative Rustic

This room features sleek black and white posters with rustic motifs on a tile wall that don’t make the space too cluttered. This room is simple but stylish, using neutral tones.

14. Nature’s Charm

And this room has a lovely nook with rustic wooden shelves, and color-matched accessories only add personality. The open shelves make it easy to reach frequently used foods in seconds.

15. Rustic Modern

We love the rustic modern bathroom, which also offers plenty of storage space. The black hardware and faucets only add to the style.

16. Tranquil Style

This bathroom underwent a major renovation and looks stunning with marble countertops, gray-blue cabinets and lots of wood accents. Stylish jars, canisters and metal baskets provide functionality and personality.

17. Industrial Notes

This room has an industrial flair with bezeled shelves and other metal accents. The addition of towels and toiletries helps soften the space.

18. French Style

This bathroom has a bit of French style thanks to repurposed dressers and an elegant minimalist aesthetic. In addition, the stool and metal toilet paper basket fit the interior perfectly.


19. white and blue beauty

This room deviates from the black and white motif often used in rustic homes and instead showcases pretty light blue hues. The room is full of texture and the owners’ personality thanks to bright furniture, beautifully patterned wallpaper and wood accents that stand out well against the blue background.

20. Coastal Style

This bathroom in a coastal rustic home features thoughtful details, including an old window that serves as great decor. A cart on wheels provides a tiny but useful storage solution.

21. Small and cute

How cute is this cozy cabin-like bathroom? The space looks even more charming, decorated for the holidays, and we love the metal touches and glass jars used for storage.

22. Splashes of color

Like the shebby-chic style? Then something like this shabby dressing table would be the perfect decoration for your bathroom. Colorful accents and a beautiful mirror complement the white-on-white motif, creating a layered look.

23. Cute plaid

The owner of this home added this plaid curtain to her bathroom to add an extra dose of rustic style. A small wooden sign, vintage lighting and dark fixtures complete the room’s design.

24. More storage space

The galvanized metal mirror that the room owner used above the bathroom dressing table feels right at home in the rustic space. And, of course, you can’t get more “rustic at home” than by choosing untreated wood furniture.

25. Stunning tile

This teen bathroom has stylish patterned tile on the floor. The interior is enlivened by cute and interesting youthful decor.

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