How to choose bedding colors


When choosing bedding colors, the first step is to decide the overall color scheme for the room. This will help narrow down the options and make it easier to find colors that will coordinate with the existing décor. Consider the existing furniture, window treatments, and wall colors when making this decision. 

Just about color in human life

The different colors of the world around us begin to influence us from birth. Each color has a certain effect. For example. As soon as a boy is born, parents choose clothes of blue colors for him, and when girls are born, clothes of pink color. When children begin to grow up, parents buy a lot of toys of different colors. Note that children’s clothes are also multicolored and bright. This is necessary for a person to learn to identify colors from childhood. A newborn baby is able to recognize only two colors: black and white. Later, you can observe which color the child likes more. If you know the psychology of color, you can develop the child’s talents inherent in nature.

For example, if a child likes brown and often plays with brown toys, it may mean the following. A child is unlikely to be sociable and may withdraw into himself. There are signs of selfishness and the possibility of falling into depression. Another child is intelligent and able to absorb a lot of information. This topic is huge and there is a science of studying color and its effect on a person.


11 shades of bedding

Color affects health and emotional state. Causes emotions: positive or negative. This in turn makes a person to make decisions and act. Since a person spends most of his life sleeping, the color of the bedding is important.

The main colors that are used for bedding:

  • White is a contradictory color because it can symbolize cleanliness, order and calmness. On the other hand is associated with loneliness. Sets of white are suitable for people who like order in everything;
  • Black – the color stands for power, closeness, destruction and abstinence. For some people the color of excitement and passion. An overabundance of black in the bedroom depresses, causes melancholy and depression. But if a person chooses this color of bedding, the person will receive an influx of energy. Black will be soothing and help to sleep;
  • Red is the color of life, passion, aggression, war and fire. Everything that happens in the world is related to this color. This color stimulates to active action, whatever it may be. It can be passion for the opposite sex, escapism and danger. In marketing it is used to attract attention during sales. Red bedding is used to create intimacy in the bedroom. Red conveys passion and sensuality to people;
  • Blue is a calming color that gives a sense of security. Clears thoughts and relaxes. If you choose blue bedding, you will fall asleep very easily. Your sleep will be sound and easy;
  • Yellow – the color of the sun, summer, lightness good mood and positivity. This color adjusts to light-heartedness and activity. Yellow is associated with creative people. Yellow bedding will stimulate you and evoke positive emotions. An overabundance of color may cause difficulty in falling asleep;
  • Orange – evokes positive emotions, relieves depression and calls for action (like yellow). But it calls for considered actions. For example thinking about the upcoming vacation at sea, a pleasant pastime. Orange colored linens will evoke positive emotions and good spirits upon awakening. Try to use this linen on vacation;
  • Brown is the color of reliability, confidence, hard work and dedication. This color is chosen by calm, confident people who love their family and quiet time over intellectual conversation. Brown bed linens will give coziness in the bedroom, tranquility and serenity. You will fall asleep calmly and wake up in a normal frame of mind;
  • Purple is the color of luxury, wisdom and the manifestation of the higher spiritual principles. A color that can suppress other colors. This color is chosen by healers, kings and creative individuals. Very good for boosting self-esteem. Purple bedding is not suitable for everyone. Purple is a very specific color. Use it very carefully, because the color may not allow you to relax and cause irritation;
  • Pink is the color of soft and dreamy natures. Pink is considered a feminine color. It is associated with naivety, tearfulness and fear of realizing their dreams. Pink bed linen will give sensuality and reverie;
  • Blue is a cool, calm and balanced color. The color of reflection and the color of laziness. Scientists have proven that an excess of blue in the room causes laziness and apathy. Bedding blue color helps easy falling asleep. It has a relaxing effect;
  • Green is a calming color. The color of spring, fertility and harmony. Psychologists use green as a color for emotional stiffness and coarseness. Green normalizes blood pressure. Green color of bed linens will be soothing, relaxing and give a sense of oneness with nature.

5 recommendations for choosing bedding from Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Taoist practice for arranging space. For example, to find an auspicious place to build a house and divide the plot. It is believed that masters who have achieved the highest enlightenment can predict the future. The purpose of Feng Shui is to find the beneficial flow of energy and to use this energy for human benefit. When you live, the energy is always flowing. Sometimes we have to deal with unfavorable energy, so we have to create balance.

To do this you have to use the wisdom of feng shui. Since a person spends most of his life sleeping, the teachings of feng shui have their own recommendations in this regard. The color of bedding is divided into Yin and Yang. Yin colors (white, pink, blue, blue, green) are beneficial for the physical condition of the person. They soothe, relax and have healing properties. Yang colors (yellow, red, orange) on the contrary call for action. They energize, give energy and inspire passion.

The most interesting thing is that the colors Yin and Yang can be combined to achieve harmony.

5 recommendations for choosing bed linens

Bedding should be made of natural material, cotton, linen and silk. Because natural materials are pleasant to the body. Create a cozy and comfortable.

Bedding should not have holes and ties. Linen should be intact. Because the positive energy comes out through the holes and rips.

Try to use solid-colored linens or linens consisting of two colors. Beautiful flowing patterns have a favorable effect.

It is NOT recommended to use linens with pictures of animals that are grinning, running or jumping. This can lead to mental disorders. Depictions of cars, buildings and people may also not be good for your well-being.

Depictions of water (waterfalls and rivers) can lead to financial difficulties.

What does your favorite color say about you?

This is a test that’s sure to move you. The point of the test is to choose a color from the choices offered. After that, you will be shown the result of the test. In which you can learn about your psychological state. The test was invented by Max Lusher in the 20th century and quickly gained popularity among psychologists. Nowadays, it is used by some employers when hiring employees. To what words, I suggest you try the “Lucher Color Test”. 

After all of the above, what I would like to say last. Choose the color of your bedding according to how you feel and your mood. Always follow your heart, because only you know what you need.

Bedding is not a couch or a closet that you put in a corner and it stands for years. You can change the colors and patterns of your bedding to create your own mood.

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