How to make floral bathrooms look rustic

floral bathroom

The floral bathroom in the rustic style looks delightful and also represents the picturesque scenery of the French province of the same name. The look of the Provencal interior, dominated by pastel colors and natural motifs, creates a calming atmosphere, so it is often used to decorate bathrooms.

Canons of arrangement of the bathroom in the rustic style

The successful location of the French provinces near the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by vast lavender fields, requires Provencal interior saturation with sunny colors, gradations of purple and blue tones, colorful patterns and floral ornaments. Interior items of light and pastel colors should prevail over catchy colors of plumbing, furniture or accessories.

Rustic style in the bathroom is easily recognizable, if you create a design project strictly take into account the basic principles of this interior genre:

For the arrangement of a room designed for showering and various hygienic procedures, you should choose a large-sized room. Bathroom design in the rustic style provides for the installation of large-format furniture and a massive font, the use of numerous homespun textiles and ceramic accessories. In order for the abundance of details of furnishings to look organically in the picture of the Provencal interior, you need to allocate a room with an area of at least 15 m².

The interiors of bathrooms in the Provencal style provide an abundance of natural light. Therefore, the construction of a wide window opening with panoramic glazing is welcome. The large window frame should be made of wood and equipped with massive shutters.

In the absence of the possibility of installing a window opening as an alternative, you can use the idea of installing a dormer window in a private home.

Every detail of the Provencal interior eloquently testifies to the peculiarities of home improvement in France in the XIX century. Simplicity of rustic life, complemented by original handmade things – the main feature of the concept of this interior genre.

Modifications of finishing materials

The bathroom in the rustic style is treated as a single space. Therefore, to decorate the floor, walls and ceiling, it is necessary to select finishing materials of consonant colors with type texture and texture. Allowed to make a barely perceptible boundary on the Provencal picture of the interior by finishing the floor and the lower part of the walls with plaster of one color, and the ceiling and the bordering fragment of the walls with paint of a different tone.

Tiles in the bathroom in a rustic style should be chosen with a matte surface. This distinctive style of design categorically does not accept modern fashion trends that involve the use of glossy glazed tile. Relevant for decorating the walls of the bathroom to apply textured decorative plaster with expressive veins and roughness, through which the brickwork walls may be barely visible.

Stone masonry will look unusual in the area where the bathtub will be installed. It will harmoniously echo with the monochrome tiles of porcelain tiles used for flooring. When choosing natural stone for wall decoration, it is important to leave the natural material in its original form, without using decorative paint or plaster.

floral bathroom

Basic color schemes of rustic style

When selecting finishing materials, furniture, sinks and other interior items to improve the bathroom in the rustic style, it is important to pay special attention to the tonal design:

To create a background, you should use ceramic tiles, textured plaster or wooden wall panels in pastoral colors: light blue, pearl, light gray, ashy, sandy, beige or cream. Details of furnishings of all colors would look expressively on a white background.

The light color scheme perfectly harmonizes with all kinds of tones of the palette. Therefore it is very easy to create balanced color schemes, which dispose to a pleasant bath, removing fatigue and soothing after a day of work.

So that the white background of the interior picture does not seem impersonal, it is important to choose colorful bathroom accessories in a rustic style: dispensers for liquid soap in olive color, aquamarine mats or pistachio flower pots. Cotton or linen curtains in pale pink with bright purple embroidered wildflowers will look organic on a window with a whitewashed frame.

The pastoral aesthetic of Provence creates a feeling of being in nature and promotes relaxation while taking a shower.

Wall finishing variations

When choosing cladding materials is important to consider the size of the bathroom. Inherent in the Provence panel wall panels will visually reduce the area of a cramped room, and the single-colored bright tile will expand the boundaries of the small-sized room.

Wood wall panels will combine flawlessly with solid color board or lining, made of moisture-resistant thermal boards. When choosing tiles, it is advisable to use a non-standard element of modern decoration – tiles with natural motifs, applied through the use of technology of decoupage technique.

Non-trivial bathroom decoration will definitely satisfy the aesthetic tastes of those who like to create a non-trivial environment in the house. An excellent idea can be the use of wooden wall panels with moldings and wallpaper with natural motifs: images of flowers, climbing plants or birds. The main thing is that the ornaments and patterns should not focus the attention of others, but only emphasize the natural aesthetics of Provence.

When choosing wallpaper and wall panels for a room with a high level of humidity, it is important to pay attention not only to design, but also to their performance properties. Finishing materials should have a high level of moisture resistance and form stability.

Ideas for ceiling design

The ceiling in a Provencal bathroom is characterized by the installation of oversized beams, covered with white paint. Designers allow the use of moldings with minimal decorative design.

The appearance of imperfection looks unique and successfully emphasizes the individuality of the style of Provence with inimitable features. Venerable designers practice decorating the ceiling with paintings depicting marine scenes, endless expanses of lavender fields, blooming gardens and other landscapes of the French province. Due to the maritime climate the presence of imitation traces of weathered, sand and salt on the finishing materials is welcome.

In the central part of the ceiling must be a massive chandelier with a wrought iron base, fabric lampshades or glass lamps made in the form of inflorescences. A beautiful interior composition can be created from the type design lamps and sconces mounted above the mirror.

Criteria for choosing sanitary ware

The sink in the bathroom in the rustic style should be selected in tandem with the font, faucet, toilet-bidet and other plumbing. These main attributes of the interior picture have distinctive features:

rounded shape;

curved supports;

details with an antique effect (covered with brass, copper or silver).

Three-dimensional sinks made of snow-white earthenware or cast marble are the best choice to follow the basics of Provence concept. The cabinet for the sink must be able to support the weight of the heavy-duty sink. This is why it is a good idea to choose solid oak or teak, that is very sturdy. It may visually resemble a compact console or a roomy cabinet.

In a Provencal bathroom, every object of the interior should have a time stamp, recreating the traditions of bathing rooms of the XIX century. The easiest way to create the appropriate atmosphere is to install a non-trivial bath font with high curved legs, covered with bronze or nickel.

Features of the selection of furniture

A characteristic feature of furniture in the rustic style is the roundness and curvature of frames, the presence of scratches, cracks and scuffs. Often the furniture in this design style is covered with white paint or its derivatives – the tone of ivory or seashells. After painting, bathroom furniture in rustic style is decorated with a method of artificial aging:

After painting and drying, the fronts of furniture products are treated with sandpaper in a chaotic manner, as a result of which there are traces of scuffs.

Several coats of craquelure varnish are applied to the surface of furniture decorated with white paint and treated with sandpaper. As a result, the front of the cabinet acquires the distinctive look of vintage furniture.

The fronts of the furniture are decorated with floral images made with colorful paints and specialized stencils.

The surface of the joinery is covered with a stain, some of which is wiped off with a damp sponge. The unevenness of the coating creates an antique effect.

In addition to the cabinet under the sink in the Provencal bathroom, you need to install a rack or cabinet-penny for storing bath accessories, a chair or an armchair for the convenience of changing clothes. It is advisable to choose furniture made of rattan or vines. The photos of demonstrated furniture models will help you to choose the original details of the interior. An organic addition can be a wicker basket for linen.

Bathroom in the rustic style: accessories

Bathroom in the rustic style is unthinkable without numerous accessories that emphasize the charming aesthetics of this interior genre. In the role of finishing touches in the picture of the Provencal interior can be colorful rugs on chairs, linen curtains on shelves or windows, hanging pots, wrought iron holders for towels, a mirror framed in a baguette with a decoration of seashells.

Provence, devoid of the excesses of modern interior fashion, each day finds more and more fans of incomparable natural aesthetics, which creates a sense of peace while taking a bath or shower. This style of design allows you not only to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, but also provides the opportunity to feel the convenience of a functional interior with the prevailing quality furniture and plumbing.

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