How to design a family room with a fireplace


Fireplace in the living room – a modern interpretation of the hearth, a source of heat and an important component of home comfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to complement the interior of their living room with a stylish fireplace.

1. Fireplace room in the style of American classics

Living room with a fireplace room in the style of American classics with traditionally decorated white walls and a fireplace of gray marble – a standard of respectability. The designers decided to emphasize the importance of the hearth in the interior with the help of patinated mirror tiles, which decorate the wall above the portal. The result was a beautiful vertical that visually increased the height of the fireplace. “Extend” the composition helps and Italian design floor lamp of golden color.

2: Bio fireplace in a modern duplex apartment

In the light modern living room in the photo, a fireplace built into a high dark portal with an imitation of a chimney plays the role of interior dominant. It runs on biofuel, and a vertical fireplace near the firebox is purely decorative and gives the design additional aesthetic value.

3: Electric fireplace with wood imitation

Slabs of ancient trees and phytomodules with stabilized moss illuminated by LEDs are an ideal setting for a modern fireplace with a glass front panel. This composition looks very decorative and is the main decoration of the fusion living room in the photo.


4: Electric fireplace in a classic living room

Classic fireplace in a marble portal is perfectly combined with a bronze fireplace clock and forged accessories. Around this interior dominant, and at the same time TV-zone of the living room, builds a symmetrical composition of paired antique cabinets. Complementing the classic entourage is a soft sofa group with pouffe and serving table, as well as a charming reading area with a floor lamp by the window.

5. English classic style fireplace

Fireplace area of the living room is one of the main components of respectable coziness of English classic style interiors. In modern urban apartments this corner will be a favorite place for relaxation, intimate conversations and evening reading in a soft chair by the fire. English check wallpaper, a portrait of queen and traditional decor of the mantelpiece would give this place a special charm and appeal.

6. Neoclassical fireplace in a white portal

The typical neoclassical light palette including milky, cream and blue hues created the perfect entourage for the fireplace in a laconic portal of white marble with a wrought iron grille. The designers completed it with stylish accessories, and on the mantelpiece they organized a mini-gallery with dear to the heart photos of the owners.

7. A minimalistic electric fireplace in the TV-zone

Electric fireplace is probably the safest solution for TV-zone with an abundance of equipment. Imitation of a hot flame in a minimalistic dark gray portal will bring liveliness and a bright color accent to the strict and technological interior of the living room.

8. Loft style fire line

Suspended linear bio fireplace with a live fire looks advantageous in combination with vintage red brick. The flame emphasizes the relief of the wall and harmonizes well with the lights above the staircase. And you can look at the fire from both the guest area and the kitchen behind the sofa.

9. Fireplace room with aristocratic grunge library

The living room, decided in the aristocratic interpretation of grunge style, with a bright personality and exclusive details deserves the best fireplace. Therefore, the authors of the project chose a large wood-burning fireplace with red textured brick facing as the main character of the interior. And complemented the composition with exclusive clocks, handmade fireplace accessories and a metal mantelpiece sheet.

10. Living room with a chalet-style fireplace

It’s hard to imagine a cozier interior than a chalet-style living room with a fluffy hide rug, brutal wood beams and a large wood-burning fireplace built into a partition. Thanks to the tunnel fireplace, the fire can be admired from the living room and from the private sitting area, which is located in the far side of the room. And the candles on the mantelpiece will help to increase the feeling of warmth.

11. Fireplace, built into the TV partition

A lot of wood, live fire and phyto wall – the interior of the kitchen-living room in eco-style is harmonious and functional. A fireplace partition with hanging shelving effectively separates the kitchen area and is a key design element. And around this style-forming structure, a natural and convenient traffic zone is formed, allowing quick access from the living room to the kitchen part with a mini-dining room.

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