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Tool And Software For Realize Your Small Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design And Layout Ideas

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Once doors and windows are in place its time to designing the rooms. Lets begin with the kitchen. First, we will assign a room type, naming rooms can be important step in creating a house plan. Since we can define options adjust settings including floor and ceiling heights, wall coverings, mouldings, and rooms structure attributes like ceiling bolts.

We will go ahead and define this room has a kitchen by selecting it from their room type dropdown. Notice that we now have the room label and be interior dimensions. Now let us plays all cabinet while in a 3D view. Choose the floor camera and drag toward the area you would like to view and release. To place a cabinet simply select the cabinet tool then click where do you want to cabinet. We will start by placing base cabinet in the corner of the room.

The program will automatically create the corner cabinet when we click near the corner. If you need to change thesize of the cabinet simply select it and pull the handle to resize it. We can alos customize the cabinet just as we did with doors and windows.

I the cabinet dialogue you will see all the customizable options such as countertops, door style, drawers, hardware and more. You can create literally thousands of cabinet variatons and combinations.

For this corner base cabinet let’s remove the drawer. Now we can group select the base cabinet and browse to the cabinet library to choose the door and drawer style. Now that we have the base cabinets in the plan we will repeat this process for the wall cabinets.

Simply select the wall cabinet tool and click above the base cabinet to place. To change the color use the stain mode at the material painter. The material painter allows you to change the color and material  of any object in your design. Cabinets, countertops, flooring and more.

Just as we did for the base cabinetwe can set the door style. For the wall cabinet lets change the door style to class and specify a crown molding and now you can see how it appear in 3D. Backsplashes can be customized to be excluded or resized to any height.

For the wall cabinet out choose the option to fully extend the backplash to base cabinet below. Next to choose a glass tile for the backsplash and its finsihed. To add ficture and appliances we will go to library and select the items. Then click to add on the cabinet. In this case, will place a sink, a dishwasher and cook range.

For those appliances that are not placed in cabinet such as a refrigerator, click outside of the cabinet to place it. With thousand of items in the library catalog you can find  a wide variety of items to place in your design. To help you visualize and plan for space. With all of the cabinets in place let’s use our wall elevation camera and place dimension for the kitchen. Wall elevation tools allow you to toggle the color on and off depending on the view you desire.

Using the dimension tool with drag dimension through the basae cabinets. Home designer pro allows you to set any the camera views on the screen or send them to a layout page. The layout area is used to create construction documents and is discussed in other online videos available on the website.

You will find powerful design tools to create a home, remodel, design greate kitchens and baths and more with home designer. All you need to do is take a snapshot and visualized the new room.

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