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Tips for Making Your 1 Room Apartments Comfortable

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Finding cheap yet comfortable house or apartment today might be a hard work to do. Cheap house is sometimes also small in size. Yet, small space is not the boundary for use to get a comfortable place. By a little creativity and also some tips to follow, we also can create small space with comfortable space to live.

We still can find an advantage for having small house and apartment; it is easy to clean and to maintain. For those who want to rent or maybe buy 1 room apartments and are allowed to re-decorate your apartment, you can follow some tips below. First thing to consider is the choice of paint. Light colored interiors are the key to get more space in small apartment. If you do not to use white paint, you can use some colors in one family. In 1 room apartments sometimes we do not have any partitions, so that it will be easier to paint the whole room.

The second one is might be old idea we have, putting mirrors as decorations. Mirrors can be great medium to create a bigger space for your small apartment. Other reflective surface can also be used, for instance some frames of photographs, metal decoration, and many more. The third tip is choosing bed cover, sofa, and also curtain. It is better to choose solid color; this will create an illusion of bigger space for your house. Little pattern or stripes are also good idea if it spreads.

Having 1 room apartments might make you feel bored, since the small space will the place for you to sleep, wake up, cooking, watching TV, and all other activities, and it is all done in one room only. Choosing good furniture is the key so that you can feel comfortable in your own room. Big wardrobe or storage space is not recommended for small apartment. Furniture that can be functioned as wardrobe and bookcase might be great to choose for storage space. Add it with small table and also shoes rack. One room apartment is easy to clean and maintenance, to keep the neat, store every small things when it is not used. Small things outside of its storage place will make your apartment full and not neat. You also can create small space above by adding stairs to reach the space. Well, above all, for those who live in 1 room apartments, you can try these tips.

Gallery of Tips for Making Your 1 Room Apartments Comfortable

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