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Software for Modern Home Interior Design Styles and Ideas

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Designing interior is just as easy as designing kitchens and baths. There are thousands of items in the libarary that can be placed in your design to help with visualization and space planning. Home designer support several comment 2D and 3D file types which mean that you can download name brand library items from our website and other website and use them in your plan.

Furthermore you can easily import color, materials, and textures, from a digital camera or website. Tools like a color chooser, material painter, and material eyedropper, will help your design and visualize your design. You can experiment and create just the look you desire. To change the color on the wall use the material painter and browse through the libarary of generic or name brand color like sherwin williams and benjamin moore and then click to apply the color.

Using the material eyedropper you can quickly replicate and apply colors and materials from one item to another item. Color selection are unlimited in home designer because you can use the color chooser. To create your own custom color from a digital photo or website.

If you find material you like but the color is not quite what you need. Adjust the material by using the color blending option. In this example with hardwood floors you  can color blend the wood to create a custome color.

Color blending can act similar to a stain. You can define the transparency to create the look you desire. Using the material painter you can also change materials for wall covering, flooring, fabrics and more.  You will find thousands of selections built in the software but it also easy to import new materials.

We will import a  new wall covering material from a website and then apply it in the design. With this powerful design tools you can easily create the exact look you desire for any room. If you want place furniture for flooring and space planning or interior design again you will find a wide variety of furnishing in the catalog library. There are pre arranged furniture grouping that are already assembled so you can quickly layout rooms. You can find furniture grouping for bedrooms, dining rooms, kid rooms, and more.

Browsing through the categories in the library will choose a bedroom set and click to apply set. Now let’s unblock the furniture and arrange individual items. All of furniture place from the library can be resized. Simply select the furniture object and use the added handles to resize it.

This is a greate space planning feature. Once all the elements have been placed we can use the different camera style including technical ilustration and vector view to view the scene. As shown earlier with custom wall covering you can also create or import custom 3D symbols ike furnitures and appliances.

Simply download the item from our website or a manufacurers website and import it into your catalog library. You can easily add lighting mouldings, furnishings, accessories and much more to make your room come to life. To get a closer view of simple rendering created in home designer you can view them on our website at homedesignersoftware.com

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