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Satisfying Interior Designer Salary and the Requirements to reach it

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Interior design is commonly assumed as a task of decorating home. In fact, the work of interior design means much more than just decorating a house. It is aimed at creating an interior space that is comfortable and beautiful. Then, the work of an interior designer is actually started before the home is built. Indeed, the work of an interior designer is as challenging as the home architect. Also, it requires specific education related to the work of designing home interior. Of course, the professional career of an interior designer leads to satisfying salary. And then how much salary for interior designer?

The next question that comes to our mind is ‘how much is the salary of an interior designer?’. The answer for the question is a little bit difficult to provide because different places may have different salary range too. However, usually an interior designer that only starts her career will get about $35.000 up to $50.000 per year. This income for a person who only begins her professional career is quite satisfying. It will be more satisfying because the range can increase based on the level of experiences that the interior designer gets. A well-experienced interior designer can get average salary of interior designer about $65.000 up to $80.000. The amount can still increase if she works for herself in her own company. In this kind of situation, interior design average salary will receives at least $100.000 every year. It proves that the average salary of an interior designer is really satisfying, which should motivates students who want to be an interior designer.

After knowing about the satisfying salary of interior designer that the job as a professional interior designer can give, your motivation to have a career as an interior designer should be begun by knowing what kind of education is required. As stated previously, the job of an interior designer is influenced by the designer knowledge, skills, and experiences. Thus, it requires some processes before a person can start her career as an interior designer. The first step to do is registering for a postsecondary education, where she will get the knowledge required by her future career as an interior designer. There are some programs offer Diploma in the field of interior design, but the job demand in 2015 requires the professional to be involved in the industry to have a degree. Thus, it is better to enrol for the degree program so that you will be ready to compete in the next job market competition. The next step is to pass some months of on-the-job training. This is when she will get her first chance to apply the knowledge that she have learned before and to advance her skill. The last step to pass is the industry exam, which will determines how valuable she is as a professional interior designer. It takes about seven to ten years for someone to follow the processes and finally reaches her dream as a professional interior designer.

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