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Painted Vs Stained Concrete Floors

Painted Vs Stained Concrete Floors

Painted Vs Stained Concrete Floors

Concrete is a stand-alone material that you can leave unfinished as a building foundation or tooled with a variety of textures to serve as an actual finish surface.
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Stains can be applied to both new or existing concrete floors and work equally well with concrete overlays. What's more, because concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won't flake off or peel away.
To prolong stain life, you should protect exterior stained concrete surfaces with a clear sealer and interior floors with a good floor wax. To keep your stained concrete looking its best, you will also need to clean it periodically by dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner.
A painted or sealed concrete surface can be acid stained by resurfacing it with a concrete overlay.
Many homeowners are choosing to have a concrete floor rather than tile or carpet their. and low maintenance flooring option can be polished, stained or painted.

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