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Mondo Grass Care

Mondo Grass Care

Mondo Grass Care

Care-free and easy to grow, this Mondo Grass grows up to 12 in. tall (30 cm) and 15 in. wide (37 cm) to form a weed-proof mat. The roots are tuberous and this .
Mondo Grass Care Must-Knows. Despite what the name might imply, mondo grass isn't actually a grass. It is in the lily family, as the dainty flowers that are born .
When we choose a lawn alternative such as Mondo Grass or Liriope we are not. Best of all, Liriope and Mondo Grass both require far less care than lawns do.
Monrovia's Mondo Grass details and information. Learn more about. This carefree, easy to grow perennial is ideal for adding texture to the garden. Evergreen.
Mondo Grass are very easy to grow and care for. They aren't heavy feeders, require little if any pruning, and are quite drought tolerant when established.
The two species of mondo grass you're most likely to find at garden centers are. Planted in the right soil and location, your mondo grass will require little care.

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