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Home Depot Kitchen Design: Warm Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Having a beautiful, warm, and comfortable kitchen is one of the best things in life. In this kind of kitchen, you can do many things. You can cook, eat, and even have a relaxing time in it. One of the best appealing kitchen styles is rustic kitchen. This kind of kitchen is very cozy with time worn decoration. Even though rustic kitchen is mostly furnished with old wood furniture and old stone, some pieces of modern furniture or appliances will not look out of place in it.rustic home interior designs

Rustic kitchen elements

There are a couple of main elements that must be present in your rustic kitchen. Your kitchen will not have a rustic look if you do not decorate it with time worn wood furniture. You can decorate it with distressed wood cabinets, beaten up wood cabinets, or simple time worn cabinets. Choose cabinet color which looks rustic such as pale green, dark red, dark brown, and other warm wood color.

Another main element in a rustic kitchen is old stone element. You can also make your kitchen looks rustic and attractive by covering a part of the wall kitchen with tumbled river rock. Most rustic kitchen has worn time looking wood flooring but if you don’t like it, having flagstone flooring is an excellent idea. For your kitchen counter top, you can choose quartz or granite. An old looking brick walled fireplace will not only make your kitchen has a rustic kitchen but it will also make it look warmer and friendlier.

Rustic decoration ideas

To make your rustic kitchen looks more attractive, you must decorate it with the right decoration. A ceramic country rooster is no longer trendy. Some of the alternatives are old fashioned carved mirror, Navajo rugs, fruits or vegetables stone statues. However, there is one decoration that will make your rustic kitchen looks timeless. It is a hanging pot rack. The best choice for your rustic kitchen is wrought iron pot rack. However, you can also have some alternatives such as pot rack from old window frame or an old barn ladder. Use the pot rack to hang your copper pots. They will make your kitchen feel warmer.

To make it looks more attractive at night; you can choose old looking lamps. One of them is a hanging wrought iron candle chandelier. When you are decorating a rustic kitchen, you must use your imagination. Browse the flea market and find something that can represent your personality. Next theme: home depot kitchen design

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