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Find Out the Average Interior Design Salary

interior design jobs salary

On any building project the interior design salary is usually around 10 percent to 15 percent of total project costs. If you are new in the world of interior design and still hold the status of newcomer as an interior designer, it is not rare if until this time you still find out how much interior design average salary of a designer will be. But basically a interior design salary range will be different in each country and state. Besides, average interior design salary for a designer who works on large scale projects will be different from the individual home project, and likewise with interior design assistant salary, it will be different.

Moreover if you have an independent consultant, you can decide what and how the tariff will work out. In this article we will discuss about the interior design job salary, the duties and the liability of an interior designer as well as the profits and bonuses that will be obtained from a project. Are you interested? Just read this article till the last word.

Summary of designer’s salary

Overall the interior design salary is starting from around 47,600 US dollars in every year and if calculated per hour will be roughly around 22.89 US dollars which was gained by a designer. The education levels also affect your career and salary amount that will be earned by each designer. For the salaries mentioned above were applied to those of you who have completed the interior design education and earned a bachelor’s degree. The data is written above is applicable in 2012 or three years ago. So it is probable that if annual or yearly salary of the interior designer in 2012 has increased along with the demand of interior designers by the project owners.

The duties of Interior Designer

An interior designer is in charge of designing the space so that it looks great and harmonize, safe, and most importantly, optimize the function of the space. Therefore a designer should understand the knowledge of materials and processes so well in order to find a match when determining the colors, decorative elements, lighting, and interior architectural system in a room or building. In some parts, a designer must be able to make freehand drawings and most of the other plan tasks will be done on computer. So it is a necessity to master the computer software and also able to draw freehand. Some designers have specific skills such as designing a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, and other specific room. Usually the interior design salary will be greater for the designers with special abilities.

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