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How to Create Attractive Contemporary Living Room

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Are you thinking of redecorating your living room? There are hundreds of living room design ideas that can make your living room looks impressive and comfortable. If you tend to love simplicity and modernity, then you had better browse for contemporary living room designs. This particular style enables you to create a beautiful living room for any purposes.

Before you choose the decoration and the furniture for your living room, you must think about the purpose of it. If you want to use it only on formal occasion and entertaining guests, you must choose contemporary formal living room design. If you are going to use it as a family room, you must choose something that oozes comfort and beauty.

Contemporary living room color

If you want to create a living room that oozes with strong contemporary atmosphere, you must choose the right paint colors and furniture colors. For your living room walls, you had better choose neutral color such as beige, white, and cream. These neutral colored walls will be excellent background and palette for your contemporary furniture and decoration. To add a bit of contrast in your living room, choose neutral furniture color which is a shade or two darker. To make your living room looks more attractive, you can add bright colored throw pillows, curtains, and colorful modern art work.

Contemporary living room furniture

The main characteristic of a contemporary living room is simplicity. While you are choosing a coffee table, a sofa, chairs, shelves, and other furniture pieces, you must choose one that designed in straight lines and symmetrical design. However, a piece of asymmetrical furniture is okay though. If you can find a coffee table with strong geometrical design, go for it. At first glance, contemporary living room furniture may seem rigid and uncomfortable. However, some throw pillows will work wonders on it.

Contemporary living room decoration

Your contemporary living room needs attractive decoration to make it eye catching. Do not overdo it though. It is better for you to have an eye catching decoration or wall art and match it with smaller and simpler decoration pieces here and there. Vases, books, mirrors, and table lamps can make your contemporary living room more welcoming.

Lighting is a vocal point in a contemporary living room. You must avoid having a large ceiling light. Subtle and simple lighting is the best alternative for a contemporary living room. You must also place the light appropriately so that it can highlight the major attraction in your living room.

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