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Country Home Designs, Design Styles for Your Home

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Creating a warm comfortable home is every home owner’s dream. One of the ways to create such a welcoming and comfortable home is that by decorating your home in country home designs. This style is basically designed based on geographical locations. French country style is one of the most popular style among others country styles. If you want to create a country home, you must know what elements that you must use in your interior.

Country interior colors

Painting your home in design styles for your home is the first step to make it oozes country atmosphere. Buying country colored paint and painting are also the most affordable way to create country style home. You can create this particular style simply by painting your interior with warm colors with natural undertones. Some of the choices are cream, sage green, butter yellow, dusty blue, or barn red.

Country style furniture

If you want to create a country style interior, you must choose furniture which is adorned with simple details. Flea markets and garage sales are best places to find country style furniture. You must choose furniture pieces which have simple lines and made of rough-sawn wood. Painted wooden furniture pieces will also make your interior has a country touch. Wooden furniture is not the only choice. Most of country style interiors are also adorned rusted metal furniture. Therefore, you must add wrought iron furniture to spice up the room. For your sitting area, you can choose overstuffed sofas, colonial armchairs, and farmhouse chairs.


A home design styles is not perfect without wood flooring. Choose wood flooring which has warm color or rustic look. Stone flooring will be a great idea if you want a French country home look. To make your interior looks more welcoming, you can cover some areas with rugs. Choosing antique rugs or braided wool rugs will be an excellent idea. If your budget is limited, you can choose laminate flooring which has wood or stone finishes.


Your interior will ooze strong warm country atmosphere if you decorate it with the right accessories. You can make your room looks more interesting by adding throw pillows with floral or stripped prints. Printed curtains that represent the natural environment around you will also make your home oozes strong country look. Decorating your home with animal painting, pottery, and animal ceramic statue will also do the same. Those decorating pieces and fabrics must be in contrast color with the wall and furniture.

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