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Cascalote Tree Problems

Cascalote Tree Problems

Cascalote Tree Problems

I have the same problem with a Cascalote tree in our yard. It has the same symptoms of dropping leaves and the little crystal specks on the .
Is that a sign of an insect problem? Thank you for any information. -john. Re: Cascalote tree losing leaves, zgraf, 6/1/09 4:40 PM. No thoughts or ideas? Anyone?
Cascalote Tree (Caesalpinia cacalaco). This slow growing evergreen reaches 20 ft. tall and bears spikes of yellow flowers most of the winter.
[Arid_gardener] Re: cascalote trees, white sugar like deposits at the. California is dealing with a psyllid problem on their eucalyptus, as is .
C. cacalaco (Cascalote, Mexican Bushbird) is a more recent addition to the desert. They are all largely free of disease and insect pests and can subsist on .
Form & Character: Used mainly as a large shrub or small tree, arborescent,. Watering: Like the other Caesalpinia used in Phoenix landscapes, cascalote needs some summer water.. Disease and pests: White flies are only a minor problem.

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