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Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans Tips and Idea

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Both apartment and also house today are not only functioned as place to live and get protection from rain and sunlight. These places of living also can be functioned as mean for investment. People invest their money on property, on apartment and also houses. Of course, in some years you will see that this kind of business is also promising. Choosing apartment and house are important things to do.

To get the best price, you need to think where the location, the furniture they have, the number of rooms your apartment has, and also the choice of material the developer uses. Having 1 bedroom apartment floor plans might become an interesting offer today, since people do not make their apartment as place for core family to live, but only for investment. Though, it is small in size, yet right place and environment will give it big price.

Having 1 bedroom apartment floor plans means also having place for you yourself, the individuality space for your own. Though the room might be small, but you can create as comfortable as you want. There are some tips that you can follow, so that your small space looks bigger.

A first tip for 1 bedroom floor plans is the choice of paint. Bright color is recommended for small apartment. The second one is the choice of furniture. To save place, it is better to use multi purpose furniture, for instance working desk which can be functioned as book case as well. Besides the furniture, you can also mix the rooms. Multipurpose room is also the key to get bigger space in small apartment. The easiest one is combining living room, dining room, and also kitchen into one. To get comfortable space of it, the choice of furniture is the most important.

There are two kinds of 1 bedroom floor plans that we have the one with partition and the one without partition. If you choose small apartment without any partitions on it, then you need to be creative putting all stuff inside. First idea, if you only have apartment which size is only 21 square meter. You can put the bathroom near to the main door, and give partition on it. Besides the bathroom, you will have small kitchen, and near it place sofa and also an extra bed above the sofa, put small stairs. If you already have room with partitions, then, you only need to re-decorate the furniture so that you can feel comfortable.

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