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12 and 10 Drawer Dresser to Choose

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A house is not only a place for living. This has to be functioned as place for creating comfortable and calm ambience after doing activities outside it. It can be called as home, where all family members or the owner can feel comfortable every time they go back to their house. If you have only small space for house, you need to keep it clean and free from small things out of storage place. Keeping everything organized and in storage will make small space looks bigger and comfortable.

The choice of organizers, then, is important thing to do. For big house, you can decide every organizer that you want without being afraid whether it will take so much room or not. Well, for those who only have small space on their house or apartment, they have to think harder to get the best drawer or organizers for their small space. 12 drawer dresser might be the best you can have for you small apartment or house. You will have many spaces to store all of your clothes, books, and many stuff in only one drawer. Drawer dresser from solid wood might be number one to choose. Solid wood that have been furnished will be good to place for classic and vintage room. Well, you can also paint and coat it in bright color to place in your small room.

10 drawer dresser is also the same with 12 drawer we have, the number of space is almost the same. Well, it depends on the need for the number of storage you need. Having drawer dresser will save so many places in your small apartments, especially for those who only have one room apartments. Having a drawer, a shoes rack, and also a table and chair are enough to save place for one room apartment. Solid wood in classic drawer dresser might be the best choice, but you can also have one form metal just like school lockers. Other alternatives are by having 12 or 10 drawer dresser from plastic. This drawer is simpler than the classic one, and it also can be moved easily. Plastic cart drawer dresser is of course cannot be filled by many stuff and also heavy stuff, the durability is not like the classic one, though it has metal frame of plastic drawer. 10 or 12 drawer dresser in form of document cabinet is also great to choose, especially for those who want to separate books from clothes.

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