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1000 sq ft house: 3 beds 2 baths

1000 sqft house designs

If have a plan to build a new house for living, 1000 sq ft house can be an option for you. Moreover if now you are living with your little family which is consisted of husband and wife as well as two up to three kids, then that option could be your consideration. As we know that today there are a lot of pains and you should break a sweat to find a fee land with great space, not to mention the price of land is always increasing for year by year.

Then if you think to apply for a loan to buy a house or rent an apartment, it seems you will need more money to make it happen. We do not know why properties always offered at high prices. But if you buy a house in a real estate entrepreneur, we also do not know how it could be or how much you need to pay. Therefore if you are currently getting a plot of land with an area of about 1000 square feet, you are very lucky. With such space of land, we can make sure that you are able to build a house with three or rooms and two bathrooms. If it still feels cramped or tiny, you can make it up to two floors. Here we will share something about the house with 1000 square feet areas.

The house plan that we already talked about in earlier paragraph would be slightly different if it turns out you have a land with an area of one side of the 1000 square foot house. With the certain length and width you can fill the area with the main bedroom plus a great bathroom even if you are quite extreme you can also make the leisure space in it. But if you only have a 1000 sq ft house, we just can promise three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and living room with a very modest size. Please do not worry because even if your house plan is standing in fairly limited area but you still can perform the daily activities as usual. Thing you need to know is today many people are living in the house with an area less than 1000 square feet and they are still able to make the home look cool. Like we said earlier as well, if it feels less than your expectation, make it up to two floors.


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