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100 square feet room

what does a 100 square feet room look like

Could you live at 100 sq ft tiny home? We bet you could not. But a few years ago there was a couple who built their home with that tiny space. Maybe a house with that size just can accommodate you to sit around, do stuff you like, for the work space, and others but not for live forever. Well, we have several ideas to build a personal work space or casual room outside the house. So the basic concept of this work space is you are going to work out of the house but you are not supposed to go anywhere, get jammed, and so forth. Nowadays the option of working at home is a nice thing to choose, considering the highways are getting full by more vehicles.

So when you decide to make the personal workspace at home, of course, you must provide a space or remodel the old room into the workplace. If you are eventually going to build the work space separated from house then you can make it at the back yard, near the pool, adjacent to the fish pond or anywhere as you like as long as you can give enough space for it. Well, in this article we will invite you to be creative to create personal work space or special space for relaxing with a size of 100 square feet. Yes, it is tiny but people had proven it works.

As we all know that building with an area of 100 sq ft is tiny enough to be a house for living. Therefore this room is fair enough to be used as a personal workspace. If you like the atmosphere of nature and there is a backyard with a nice garden at your house, you can build the workspace there. It would be better if the walls of workspace are made of wooden planks and several points of the room were made of tempered glasses so you can work or relax while enjoying the natural scenery around your home. If you work as a writer, it seems like this place is suitable for you. Work space with an area of 100 square feet size seems to be enough to accommodate the needs of your work. Just do not take too much stuff in it. Then if you like, you also can add a plan in pot to decorate the room. Make the room convenience as possible.

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