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10 x10 kitchen design ideas, remodel, and layout

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Spacious kitchen will allow you to make a move more freely and of course, the good thing always happen in the spacious space. Therefore it is no wonder that today many people are looking for references on the internet about 10X10 kitchen designs. Usually, a kitchen with the spacious space is a combination of two types of kitchen which is the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen or pantry. Well, the wet kitchen or the main kitchen is place to hold every activity about cooking. You can cook, washing dishes, place your kitchen stuff, and others. Meanwhile the dry kitchen or the pantry is usually only used to make coffee in the morning, prepare breakfast, or chat while looking at the chef. Therefore when those two types of kitchen are merger into one then the area of kitchen will be wider even it looks bigger than your main room. Well, in this article we will share about kitchen design based on the style and the impression you want to build there.

Before you determine how the 10×10 kitchen layout in your home, you certainly have to know about the theme of your home. The fit between of style between your kitchen to other rooms at your home, and the main house should have the continuity in order to avoid lack and gap between them. Then the harmonization of space is an absolute value in order to make your house looks sustainable. When you applied the minimalist style at your home, then we suggest you to design a kitchen with a minimalist style as well, or at least it looks like it. For example, you can choose granite or other solid materials with bold cut and neutral colors and even tends to be cold such as gray, black, and white. The same thing applies to other elements that exist in the kitchen such as cabinets and other storages. If you brought the modern minimalist atmosphere in the kitchen then it will be better if you are not using too much detail in it.

Then if you are not a fan of minimalist style, we thought that it will be easier. Moreover if you are a fan of classic but not in the serious way then you can use solid wood or real wood as the main material. The natural motifs of the wood are the plus values of the design as well.

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