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10 foot dining table design ideas

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10 foot dining table is the right choice if your dining room o hall room you have in the house is intended to entertain guests on a large scale. As the name implies, a dining table with this model has long length and can accommodate a lot of people to eat at the table. On the market or furniture store, you will be slightly difficult to find because this table is usually made by order. And also, the main material of this table is real wood with good quality. It also has a beautiful natural motif then no worry if it is kind of classics. So in this article we will discuss one of the 10 foot table based on primary materials and also the support materials, in case you are interested.

Made of real wood and great for both classic and casual

Like we said earlier, this table can accommodate a lot of people to eat together at the same time. If you live with the big family or have a hobby to invite friends and entertain them, then it looks like you really need to have this table. This table does not only give the impression of classic and serious. If you create a design of the table with lighter and brighter color finishing, maybe 10 foot dining table will be very suitable for brunch in the back yard with the big family. You can also present the modern impression in this table by applying manufacturing materials to support the structure of this table. For example, you can use steel for the leg) with certain design) and finish it with paint for steel in solid color. Beside steel, this could also be finished with stainless steel, aluminum, and others. But we do not recommend you to use aluminum for this table because it lacks on the durability. Other than that aluminum is easily dent if you accidentally hit it with hard stuff.

Suitable for any purpose of use

Even though it is made of real wood, but you still able to put your creativity on it such as make this 10 foot table with wooden planks. After all, nowadays the price of real wood is much higher than earlier years so if you want the wood “fresh from the oven” it looks like you should pay more. Man, this table can be made by some wooden planks with trick of construction here and there.

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